Find a Chrono for Your Lifestyle

Whether you choose to pay annually or by the month, there’s an option that fits you best. Most users want to know their time in place for a year at a time, so the annual plan is our most popular and offers the greatest cost savings. But start where you’re comfortable and you can adjust your plan at any time.

Most popular
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Far + Wide Plan

$7.92 / month

Annual subscription, charged $94.99/year

Full Chrono Service
Save 20% by paying annually
Billed through Apple IOS or Google
Most popular
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Here + There Plan

$9.99 / month

Monthly subscription, charged $9.99/month

Full Chrono Service
Cancel at any time
Billed through Apple IOS or Google

Get Started with a Free Trial

Whichever plan you choose, you can ease into Chrono with a Free 14-Day Trial. Cancel at any time before the trial end date, and you’ll never be charged. But once you’ve experienced the way Chrono seamlessly captures and organizes all of your worldly movements, we feel sure you’ll never want to return to the Chrono-less world.


Pricing Questions

How does Chrono pricing work?  

We keep it easy. There are two plans to choose from. Any new user can have a free trial. All payments are run through Apple Pay or Google Pay. And you can export your data and cancel your subscription from within the app whenever you want.

See? Easy.

How does the free trial work?

Get started for free. If you cancel within the first 14 days, you will not be charged. You can cancel from within the Settings menu of the Chrono mobile app. 

How do I pay for Chrono?

All payments for Chrono are processed through your phone’s payment systems - Apple Pay or Google Pay!  

Can I change my plan?

Yes. You can manage your subscription plan within the Settings menu of the Chrono app on your mobile device. This is also where users can cancel their subscription, but we’re sorry to say that re-entry into the Chrono-less world will be rough. 

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Captures where and when you were. Automatically. So you save time and money at tax time.