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Simply and automatically capture where and when you were, for tax residency, visa tracking, and personal travel goals.

Securely, accurately, and effortlessly save time and money at tax time.

Tax Residency

The amount of time you spend in a given location can impact how much tax you owe, and to whom. Chrono automatically captures your time in each location to help you achieve or avoid becoming a resident for tax purposes.

Visa Tracking

Every visa has different rules dictating time allowed in a certain place. But keeping track of those days isn’t easy. Chrono automatically logs your time for you, so you avoid overstaying your welcome.

ChronoStats: Personal Travel Analytics

We all have personal travel goals- the places we want to go. With ChronoStats, track the amount of time you spend on the slopes in Park City, with your feet in the sand in the Maldives, or the number of countries you’ve hit this year. Best of all- share travel achievements with friends.

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Created for

  • Business Travelers
  • Digital Nomads & Globetrotters
  • Gig Workers
  • Those with Multiple Homes

Set + Manage Goals

  • Establish Residency or Avoid Residency in a higher tax location.
  • Customize, edit or delete Goals at any time.
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Measure + Analyze Progress

  • Up to the minute data: location(s) visited, time spent in each place, and progress toward established goals.
  • ChronoStats: a trove of personal travel analytics- vanity metrics that are shareable with friends.

Generate and send reports to tax professionals

  • Gone are the days of calendar logs and receipt-hoarding to piece together your travel history for the tax year.
  • Generate a timeline of travel history with a click, and send it to your tax professional.
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Capturing where and when you were - automatically, securely and accurately -
so you can save time and money at tax time.

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